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GMP means good criteria and methodology for food processing as specified in the Code of Federal Regulation of the United State of America related to the general hygiene in food processing and it is equivalent to the international standard.

HACCP is the production standard, which specifies hazards and preventive measures that the consumer may encounter when consuming the food. It covers hazard analysis and critical control points. The concept is related to determining preventive measures for any hazard, which may occur in each step of any activity, by applying scientific process to study potential hazards and to determine preventive measures including control and monitoring to ensure the effectiveness of preventive measures at all times.

ISO 9001 : 2008
ISO 9001:2008 is the quality management system having the structure and consisting of 6 quality procedure manuals, establishment of quality objectives for each department, and documented procedures that are established from work instructions in order to standardize the operation. The entire system will be controlled by internal and external audits to ensure that the system is maintained and followed effectively in order to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

BRC-IOP is the quality standard for ensuring that the manufacturer has the ability to produce foods that are safe, comply with the regulation, and meet the quality requirement. In addition, it specifies that the production hygiene of the package used for the product must be controlled at the same level as the food.

TIS 998-2533
TIS is the industrial product standard related to plastic container for drinking water, which is called "plastic container". This industrial product standard specifies the requirement of types, sizes, materials, and properties of container, signs and labels, and testing for plastic container for drinking water.